Ham Radio Websites

1. American Radio Relay League | Ham Radio Association And Resources

#1 most popular ham radio blog
arrl.orgThe American Radio Relay League (ARRL) is the national association for amateur radio, connecting hams around the U.S. with news, information and resources.

  • Two Radio Amateurs Appointed to the FCC Technological Advisory Council (TAC)
  • Amateur Operation in 3.45 – 3.5 GHz Segment Must Cease by April 14, 2022
  • Growing Number of Operators Completing WAS on 222 MHz

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2. EHam.Net Articles

#2 most popular ham radio blog
eham.neteHam.net Article feed

  • Windows for Your Ham Shack
  • Flashing Light QSO’s
  • Converting an Iambic Bencher to Single Lever Operation

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3. KB6NU’s Ham Radio Blog

#3 most popular ham radio blog
kb6nu.comAuthor of the No Nonsense amateur radio study guides and The CW Geek’s Guide to Having Fun With Morse Code. #hamradio blogger, podcaster.

  • It’s nice to have friends
  • Slow-Speed (CW) Tests: I’m a believer
  • 2022 No Nonsense Technician Class License Study Guide: Electronic components and circuits

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4. The DXZone.Com Amateur Radio Internet Guide

#4 most popular ham radio blog
dxzone.comLatest articles, reviews and links posted to The DXZone.com, an amateur radio, cb radio, scanning and shortwave radio, reference site

  • HF9V Antenna Setup and mods
  • FGB-5000 Menu Transfer Manager
  • Where to buy PowerFilm Solar Panels

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5. AmateurRadio.Com

#5 most popular ham radio blog
amateurradio.comInternational Ham Radio News & Opinion

  • LHS Episode #448: Grounding and Bonding Deep Dive
  • It’s part of modern ham radio!
  • LHS Episode #448: Grounding and Bonding Deep Dive

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6. W2LJ QRP – When You Care To Send The Very Least!

#6 most popular ham radio blog

  • Skeeter Hunt Video
  • A little activity
  • New Year’s Eve

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7. SolderSmoke Daily News

#7 most popular ham radio blog
soldersmoke.blogspot.comServing the worldwide community of radio-electronic homebrewers. Providing blog support to the SolderSmoke podcast: http://soldersmoke.com

  • Mike WU2D on VFOs (with additional Tribal Knowledge from Frank Harris)
  • Looking at the Galaxy’s Spiral Arms with a Dongle, a Raspberry Pi,and a Homebrew Antenna
  • Exorcism Not Quite Complete — Thinking of Other Options

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8. The KØNR Radio Site

#8 most popular ham radio blog
k0nr.comAmateur (ham) radio, VHF/UHF, portable operating, backcountry adventure and technical stuff

  • More Logging Tips for SOTA & POTA
  • About Those Drive Up SOTA Summits
  • VHF SOTA Antenna Tests

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9. QRZ NOW – Ham Radio News

#9 most popular ham radio blog
qrznow.comAll about Ham Radio

  • Extended ARRL Team Will Support February’s ARRL National Convention in Orlando
  • Vertical HF Antenna LZAV-5BAND
  • DXLog 2.5.29 is now available

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10. Southgate Amateur Radio News RSS Feed

#10 most popular ham radio blog
southgatearc.orgLatest Amateur Radio News from around the world

  • Nordic HF Conference 2022 to be held in Fårö Sweden
  • Networks of Service
  • USFWS Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument seeking public comments

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11. K9JY

#11 most popular ham radio blog
k9jy.comHam Radio Commentary and WriteLog User Site

  • Lose your ham radio club members in one easy step
  • Working through the doldrums of a passionate Amateur Radio operator
  • How to learn from every ham radio contest

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12. Amateur Radio Newsline™

#12 most popular ham radio blog
arnewsline.orgAmateur Radio related weekly news digest

  • Amateur Radio Newsline Report 2308 for Friday January 21st, 2022
  • Amateur Radio Newsline Report 2307 for Friday January 14th, 2022
  • Amateur Radio Newsline Report 2306 for Friday January 7th, 2022

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13. With Varying Frequency – Amateur Radio Ponderings

#13 most popular ham radio blog
k9zw.wordpress.comby Steve K9ZW

  • Eight-Band Propagation – Jan 2022
  • Beware the Winds – A Bit of Tower Mischief
  • Local Clubs – Northeast Wisconsin DX Association

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14. The SWLing Post

#14 most popular ham radio blog
swling.comShortwave listening and everything radio including reviews, broadcasting, ham radio, field operation, DXing, maker kits, travel, emergency gear, events, and more

  • Shortwave’s Giant: Carlos explores evangelical broadcasting to MENA
  • Carlos’ Shortwave Art and Recording of the Voice of Korea (12 Jan 2022)
  • Guest Post: Following the Ethiopian war over shortwave radio

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15. Ham Nation

#15 most popular ham radio blog
spreaker.comShare in the excitement and importance of ham radio – from tossing an antenna wire into a tree allowing you to talk to the world, to the importance of ham radio operators in time o…

  • Ham Nation: Tropo Ducting Contest University & Hamvention
  • Ham Nation: Take A Walk On The YL’d Side
  • Ham Nation Hamvention Special Edition – LOTS of Award Winners!

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16. Q R P E R

#16 most popular ham radio blog
qrper.comQRP radios, product announcements, reviews, news and more. Low power amateur radio fun!

  • The new WA3RNC TR-35 4-Band 5-Watt CW Transceiver Kit
  • The Xiegu X6100 or the Icom IC-705? Making a purchase decision…
  • The new (tr)uSDX QRP transceiver kit by DL2MAN & PE1NNZ!

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17. Roger G3XBM’s (Mainly) Amateur Radio Blog

#17 most popular ham radio blog
g3xbm-qrp.blogspot.comSimple QRP projects, 10m, 6m, FT8, 160m, WSPR, LF/MF, sub-9kHz, nanowaves and other random stuff, some not related to amateur radio.

  • 472kHz WSPR RX
  • 70cm FT8 – NOT this evening
  • Punts – NOT amateur radio

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18. Rtl-Sdr.Com

#18 most popular ham radio blog
rtl-sdr.comRTL-SDR (RTL2832U) and software defined radio news and projects. Also featuring Airspy, HackRF, FCD, SDRplay and more.

  • Frugal Radio: Testing a Loop on Ground Antenna with an Airspy HF+ Discovery
  • Reverse Engineering a 30 Year Old Wireless Garage Door Opener with a HackRF and GNU Radio
  • An APRS Tracker with HackRF, WebUSB and WASM

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19. M1KTA’s QRP Ham Radio Blog

#19 most popular ham radio blog
m1kta-qrp.blogspot.comOther than a trip which might get the odd mention I will detail projects I am working on, what I want to be working on and what I have otherwise to report on. I will update the individual projects as they advance. As asked I have started to catalogue the references I have follow the link on the left where you can obtain them too. Want to email me wander over to qrz.com and you’ll find my email address there. Also twitter @m1kta_qrp

  • LCR_EST_FREQ Meter
  • 3D Print Stuff
  • Measuring harmonics when main RF at 400W

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20. CQ Newsroom

#20 most popular ham radio blog
cqnewsroom.blogspot.comNews and information of interest to ham radio operators from CQ Amateur Radio magazine, the world’s leading independent ham radio magazine.

  • Rosenworcel Confirmed to New FCC Term; Promises Senator Status Update on Pending Amateur Proceedings
  • Swains Island DXpedition Postponed
  • Crozet DXpeditioner: Keep Your Expectations Reasonable

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21. AmateurLogic.TV

#21 most popular ham radio blog
amateurlogic.tvYour source for amateur radio topics, practical technology hacks, mods, and tips.

  • AmateurLogic 165: Welcome to 2022
  • AmateurLogic 164: New Year’s Eve 2021-22
  • Ham College 84

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22. VE9KK Blog

#22 most popular ham radio blog
ve3wdm.blogspot.comAmateur radio…Making the world a smaller place

  • It’s part of modern ham radio!
  • A nice way to spend an hour each week.
  • Looking back and looking ahead.

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23. Mac Ham Radio

#23 most popular ham radio blog
machamradio.comMac Ham Radio — Devoted to Amateur Radio Operators Using Apple MacOS and IOS

  • QTH.app version 0.8.0 released
  • SmartSDR for MacOS version 2.0.17 has been released
  • RUMlogNG2Go for iOS version 5.4.6 now available

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24. SPARKY’s Blog

#24 most popular ham radio blog
cqdx.ruSparky’s World of Amateur Radio. All about Amateur (HAM) Radio. News, DX, new equipment etc

  • 4U1A ARCDXC – 2021 QRT or …?
  • Elad FDM-S3 SDR receiver
  • RI0Q DXpedition 2021

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25. QRP HomeBuilder – QRPHB –

#25 most popular ham radio blog
qrp-popcorn.blogspot.comComponent level (mostly analog) electronics from microwave to AF. Jazz guitar and guitar amplifiers. Radio astronomy.

  • Clean Jazz Guitar Amp Builder Notes — Part 1: DC Power Supply
  • Zero – IF Jupiter Receiver

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26. OnAllBands

#26 most popular ham radio blog
onallbands.comAn Amateur Radio Blog by DX Engineering

  • Part 3: How to Build Antennas from a Blind Ham’s Perspective…and if You’re Not Blind, You’ll Learn Something, Too!
  • New Product Spotlight: BHI DSP Noise-Canceling In-Line Module
  • It’s All in the Cards! QSL Cards from Aruba

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27. N6QW — Left Coast Radio

#27 most popular ham radio blog
n6qw.blogspot.comContact Info: QRZ.com email address

  • 2022 ~ Sideband Inversion and Building a Radio Updated 1/20
  • 2022 ~ Crystal Filters, Sideband Inversion and The Gout
  • 2022 ~ Exciting Products now at Hand — and Cheap Too!

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28. Shortwave Central

#28 most popular ham radio blog
mt-shortwave.blogspot.comWelcome to Teak Publishing’s Shortwave Central blog. This blog covers shortwave frequency updates, loggings, free radio, international mediumwave, DX tips, clandestine radio, and late-breaking radio news. Visit my YouTube and Twitter links. Content on Shortwave Central is copyright © 2006-2022 by Teak Publishing, who is solely responsible for the content. All rights reserved. Redistribution of these pages in any format without permission is strictly prohibited.

  • Ukrainian Армія FM active on medium wave
  • New clandestine statio, Mizzima Radio on shortwave
  • Weekly Propagation Forecast Bulletins

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29. OH8STN Ham Radio

#29 most popular ham radio blog
oh8stn.orgHam Radio, Amateur radio, Portable Power, Winlink, JS8Call, Off Grid Comms, Emergency Communications, Preparedness, Raspberry Pi, Microsoft Surface

  • Reducing the Cable Mess | Digirig Mobile
  • Icom IC-705 & PowerFilm Lightsaver Max
  • Circumventing Ham Radio Jamming

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30. DX-World

#30 most popular ham radio blog
dx-world.netThe World’s Biggest and Best DX News Service for DXers and IOTA enthusiasts

  • 8Q7TP – Maldives
  • The FREE DX-World Weekly Bulletin #440
  • DX on this Day

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31. What’s Up On Aprs.Fi

#31 most popular ham radio blog
blog.aprs.fiThe news of https://aprs.fi/ – new features and interesting attractions found in the APRS and AIS worlds.

  • Server upgrades, and raw packets UI abuse
  • New symbol graphics and better support for mobile devices
  • OpenStreetMap available again

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32. Radio Society Of Great Britain – Main Site

#32 most popular ham radio blog
rsgb.orgWorking for the future of Amateur Radio

  • RadCom February 2022, Vol. 98, No. 2
  • Tonight@8 spring programme
  • RSGB’s University Corner

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33. WA7BNM Contest Calendar

#33 most popular ham radio blog
contestcalendar.comCalendar of ham radio contests

  • NAQCC CW Sprint
  • CWops Test (CWT)
  • CWops Test (CWT)

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34. M0JCQ’s Ham Blog

#34 most popular ham radio blog
hamblog.co.ukVHF – HF – SOTA – Contest Dabbler. Blogger (https://t.co/epTZwKTEzW), YouTuber (https://t.co/mZvHmqQ8vN) and RSGB RadCom VHF/UHF columnist

  • Building a Cobweb Antenna and Testing it with NanoVNA [with video]
  • 2m SOTA Pile Up Video on Red Screes
  • FT8 – A personal critique

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35. Radio Artisan

#35 most popular ham radio blog
blog.radioartisan.comamateur radio journey

  • Why People Hate FT8
  • AO-73 Funcube and AO-85 Fox 1 Satellites Collide
  • We Need a Better UHF Connector

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#36 most popular ham radio blog
amsat.orgThe Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation

  • ANS-016 AMSAT News Service Weekly Bulletins for Jan. 16
  • Tevel Mission to Launch on SpaceX Transporter-3 Mission January 13th
  • ANS-009 AMSAT News Service Weekly Bulletins for January 9th

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37. Ham Radio . Magnum Experimentum

#37 most popular ham radio blog
hamradio.meAntennas, experiments, engineering and other articles of interest to radio folks.

  • Anatomy of a low frequency aviation radio beacon
  • Demo of TDoA using the SDR.hu network
  • How to win with HF mobile NVIS

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38. Brick O’Lore

#38 most popular ham radio blog
brickolore.comA jack of many hobbies and a master of none – spending lots of time on amateur/ham radio, running, and technology.

  • Light Bulbs with Built-in Battery
  • Ted Lasso Easter Egg – Victory
  • A Hazard

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39. Ham Radio Operator – M0YKS

#39 most popular ham radio blog
hamradiooperator.blogspot.comHam Radio Experiments & Fun With Simon M0YKS Yorkshire UK

  • Cycled Out?
  • Ham Radio In 2022
  • Home brew 40-80 Balanced Fan Dipole

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40. Advancing Ham Radio.. Different Ideas

#40 most popular ham radio blog
kb9mwr.blogspot.comExperimentation seems lost in the hobby. This is my attempt to spread some new ideas and help enable those who want to explore something new..

  • Evangelism
  • Rants and grants
  • Modernizing Amateur Radio Regulations

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41. VE7SL – Steve – Amateur Radio Blog

#41 most popular ham radio blog
ve7sl.blogspot.comHomebrewing and Operating Adventures From 2200m To Nanowaves

  • My 2021 Novice Rig Roundup Summary
  • Here Comes The 2021 Novice Rig Roundup (NRR)!
  • Hunting For NDBs In CLE 264

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42. Our HAM Station

#42 most popular ham radio blog
stationproject.blogNotes on the construction and operation of a multi-op Amateur Radio Station

  • Learn About Radio Propagation
  • ISS Voice Repeater is QRV!
  • Tech Night July 14 – Building and Operating a VHF+ Station

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43. Shortwave DX Blog

#43 most popular ham radio blog
shortwavedx.blogspot.comFree radio logs, news, QSLs and much more… from both shortwave and medium wave

  • Logs 20 Jan 2022
  • Melkbus Radio eQSL
  • Logs 19 Jan 2022

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44. Steve G1KQH’s Amateur Radio Blog “The Font Of All Knowledge”

#44 most popular ham radio blog
g1kqh.blogspot.comQRP construction. Innovation. Software. Ham Radio news and views.

  • EMF calculator
  • Snow stopped Transmission.
  • The Great British VAT grab.. 2021

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45. WSPRnet

#45 most popular ham radio blog
wsprnet.orgThe Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT’s MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

  • TX-500 on line
  • WSPR Oven
  • XMAS Topeband QCX+

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46. Off Grid Ham

#46 most popular ham radio blog
offgridham.comKeeping amateur radio on when the grid is gone

  • Do Not Buy These Ridiculous Off Grid Products.
  • Requiem For Radio Shack.
  • The Secret Life of Multimeters.

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47. Icqpodcast’s Amateur / Ham Radio Podcast

#47 most popular ham radio blog
icqpodcast.comThe premier podcast for Amateur Radio / Ham Radio users. News, views, features, upcoming events and Amateur / Ham Radio training. ICQ Podcast is a podcast for you and including you

  • ICQ Podcast Episode 368 – Philip McBride (VA3QR) New RAC President
  • ICQ Podcast Episode 367 – Ham Radio Tips and Tricks 2022
  • ICQ Podcast Episode 366 – Seasonal Radio Fun

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48. PE4BAS Amateur Radio Weblog

#48 most popular ham radio blog
pe4bas.blogspot.comAmateur radio weblog. All about my radio adventures and more. Amateur radio weblog. All about my radio adventures and more

  • Winding coax and other chords
  • FT8 DXpedition robot
  • 2021 statistics

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49. KA7OEI’s Blog

#49 most popular ham radio blog
ka7oei.blogspot.comRandom musings – usually on a technical (nerdy) subject – perhaps related to amateur radio and things found at ka7oei.com and modulatedlight.org

  • The case of the Clicky Carrier that can sometimes clobber the upper part of 20 meters.
  • Fixing the CAT Systems DL-1000 and AD-1000 repeater audio delay boards
  • Comparing the “KiwiSDR” and the “RaspberrySDR” software-defined radios

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50. DuWayne’s Place

#50 most popular ham radio blog
kv4qb.blogspot.comA place for me to share information about my latest Ham Radio and electronics projects.

  • Arduino controller VFO/BFO Test Set
  • Testing Audio Amplifiers
  • Simple SSB Xcvr Mic Amp build d mp Layout

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